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Fiona graduated in Bachelor of Psychology. Due to her passion with children and parenting, she further research in Kids’ Skills as she believes turning problem into skills for children helps in empowering their growth and self-esteem. She is now an internationally certified Kids’ Skills coach. She is also a NLP (Neuro-Linguistics Programming) certified practitioner. Together with her coaching experience of more than 5 years with children, she founded SUPER Avatar and ready to serve more children and parents passionately.  


            I remembered vividly how I felt when I received a trophy from my kindergarten teacher, standing on the stage in front of all my schoolmates. They were all clapping. You must be thinking that I was feeling happy and proud. On the contrary, I felt extremely terrible. I went down from the stage, holding the trophy in my hand, slowly walked back to my seat. I did not dare to look into my mom’s eyes, as if I had done something terribly wrong. Indeed, that was what I thought when I was 6. One trophy is never enough to impress her, you will only start seeing just a little smile when she sees three. Getting 99 marks would be the worse day of my life as she will reprimand me over the missing 1 mark. Scoring all As and 1B was a horrible result for her.

            Don’t get me wrong, I love my mum the way she is. In fact, I am thankful that she trained me to be disciplined and independent. I can handle all the house chores by myself when I was only 6. During my childhood, flawless achievement and results are the only options I had to get my parents’ attention and love. I learned how to write with both my right and left hands when I was 5, not knowing it was the hardest thing a 5-year-old child can do.           

             Since young I was shy, speaking in public was tough for me. Even though I had several achievements in my childhood, the seeds of low self-esteem had been planted deeply since young that I could never be good enough. All these limiting beliefs have been holding me back for many years until I found the answer.

            By now you can guess that I came from a traditional Chinese family, and it’s also where my mum learned her “army-like” parenting from. It’s in her blood. All parents love their children, and my mum is no exception. However, that was the best that she knew of in educating me to be the strongest person that I can be back then. One of my favorite mentors, Madam Poh Yew once said, “being a parent is natural, parenting is not”. I resonate with it deeply when I heard this from her and reflected on my childhood.

            My interest grew into Psychology and education as I grow up. I started to understand how one’s personality is formed. I started to explore and know deeply about myself and others. I went deep into self-exploration training programs to finally see the seed in me has grown into a big tree. It took years to heal what was hurt inside of me. Not only mending the relationship with my mum, but I also took huge efforts to heal my wound, love myself and the people around me.

            For anyone of you who are reading this, you might have a similar childhood experience with me. I know exactly how it felt like as a child, and I know how hard it is for parents to manage all their children while making sure that they grow up in an empowering environment, all the time. I told myself that other families need not go through the same path that I and my mum did. I know what children need in their childhood to have healthy self-esteem and joyful life. I hold strong faith in hope and collaboration in families, and I have been studying, researching the effective way to serve each family in many different ways.  I want to inspire children to live the best version of themselves! Together, we can empower our child, and create a better future for them.

          I have been living my vision for 7 years now and counting, to build harmonious families by empowering parents and children to be proactive.



He is an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) from International Coach Federation (ICF) who has the expertise and experience to create sustainable transformative change from within. Over the years, KC has coached and inspired many individuals from children as young as 5 years old to adults like corporate executives, educators and youths. Leveraging the essence of coaching from ICF, NLP and coupled with his training and coaching experiences, he has been co-creating many powerful shifts from the deepest low to the highest high with his coachees.
Some of his recent training and coaching engagements include TFP Solutions Berhad, Tan Lan Group, Yelaoshr, Sri KL International School, Fairview International School, Sunway University, Monash University, Sri KDU Schools and many more.

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