Our Passion for Education

Love is natural, but parenting is not, it is a learned skill. Throughout nearly a decade of being in the education industry, we have worked closely with children, parents, and also educators in Malaysia and Singapore. We have met parents who brought their children to us, having all kind of issues ranging from being too shy, lack of confidence & social skills, to being too aggressive, lack of empathy for others. From being unmotivated in studies and life, not having a purpose or direction, to being over-achieving for others, having fear of failures, being too hard on themselves. Through our intensive social survey and research, we found the most important factor in resolving all the challenges above is by working hand in hand with parents. We share proven parenting skills, mindset and give our full support to every parents so that they use the right method in loving their children, not just loving them blindly.

Adding to that, our children from the present generation face more challenges emotionally, they feel more lonely, depressed, angry and easily nervous and prone to worry in life. They are found to be more impulsive and aggressive in actions and words. It alerts all of us that these negative symptoms strongly affects the well-being of these young one, causing unnecessary challenges in school and home. This has raised the concern of many parents around the world. They are actively looking for solutions to these issues that are affecting not only the children, but their family in general. 

We firmly believe in holistic and practical solutions that solve these problems at a root cause level, involving both the children and also parents. Our vision is to build a happy, mentally fit and excellent young generation by nurturing positive minds, one kid at a time. Imagine a world filled with mentally fit children. What kind of future would they create?

Our Founders

Fiona, Coach Mei Yi

Fiona graduated in Bachelor of Psychology. Due to her passion with children and parenting, she further researched in Kids’Skills as she believes turning problem into skills for children helps in empowering their growth and self-esteem. She is now an internationally certified Kids’Skills coach. She is also a NLP (Neurolinguistics Programming) certified practitioner. Together with her coaching experience of more than 7 years with children, she founded SUPER Avatar and ready to serve more children and parents passionately.

KC Chin, Coach KC

KC is a USA Positive Intelligence® Coach and an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) from International Coaching Federation (ICF). He has over 8 years of experience in training and coaching people to their success from children as young as 5 years old to adults like CEO of companies, educators, and youths. Leveraging the essence of coaching from Positive Intelligence®, ICF, and NLP coupled with his training and coaching experiences, he has been co-creating many powerful shifts from the deepest low to the highest high with his coachees.

Some of his recent training and coaching engagements include YelaoShr Education Group, LSL International Academy, Q-dees, Neucleus Decoding and many more. KC believes that the best education for kids since young can make the world a better place for future generations.

What Our Parents Say

Iris Heng

Parent of 2

I am glad I signed up SUPER AVATAR workshop for my children. I can see changes in children even after the first lesson. They have been applying what they learnt from the workshop in their daily life now and that made my life a lot easier! I no longer need to stop them from disagreement. My son knows how to deal with his anger better rather than whining. Another big change I see is how my daughter deal with her school work. She used to cry when she is under a-lot of stress or unable to answer certain questions but after just one class with SUPER AVATAR she tried to answer the questions confidently. She told me Coach Mei Yi taught her to stay calm. Also, Coach KC was being really helpful with the parenting tips. I’ve learnt a lot on how to deal with children emotional support and how not to put expectations in my children so they don’t need to feel obligated to live up to me. He was really patient sitting there for 2 hours explaining to me every details on which part that I need to correct myself. We are a lot more positive and happier now. Kudos to SUPER AVATAR team!!!

谢谢 Coach KC & Coach Mei Yi,在这7堂里,不但让我学习如何引导孩子,还学会了情绪管理,每一堂课都很有趣,真的获益良多,尤其在最后一堂课,两位coach特别有❤️。

Sereen Chu Client

Coach Mei Yi is a very nice and helpful coach with professional and excellent coaching skill for both parents and kids. I have learned a lot from her such as know myself better, empowering beliefs and values. Transformed from a “stern mom “ to a mom that with more empathy . Highly recommended ! Thanks god that we have met such a lovely coach.

Janice Lee Parent of 3 Sons

感谢Coach KC 和 Coach Mei Yi 的引导学。让自己如何在一个平稳的状态下引导孩子,和孩子一起学习、成长。非常感恩!

Sim Yuen Client

非常感谢Coach KC 和Coach Mei Yi的引导学,让我在育儿路上轻松了很多。在这里我除了学到如何引导孩子之外, 我还疗愈了内在的创伤。真的很感恩遇到你们。

雪芬 Parent of 2

Coach Mei Yi 和 Coach KC 是两位很有heart 的育儿导师,从他们教的引导学让我了解到用提问的方式和孩子们沟通,比我平时用的指令式的沟通,会有不一样的育儿效果。希望现在正面临育儿烦恼的妈妈们,给自己一个机会,让[儿童技能引导学]解开你在育儿道路上所遇到的瓶颈,你会有不一样的育儿见解和视野。💞💯👍

Ying Koon Parent of 3

Coach MeiYi and Coach KC are experienced parenting coaches who share practical and effective parenting skills. Real life examples with easy to understand explanations helps parents understand the kids better. Their weekly check-ins during the course period and life time parenting support (including re-attending classes) really help parents to remind ourselves and practice the skills learned. Aside from parenting classes, they also offer classes for kids, which focuses on socio-emotional wellbeing. My child loves the interactive and expressive classes, which are very engaging. It's so much more interesting than other online classes.

Hui Ying Parent from Singapore

KC is very experienced. I engaged him to handle the schooling issues of my son. KC is able to give me practical and useful techniques in how to move out from the stagnant situation. Now my boy is back to school again, I feel glad about that. Highly recommended. Thank you KC.

Ms Ho Client

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