ATTENTION: Parents Who Want To Correctly Coach & Guide Your Child To Be A Happy & Successful Person!

Coach Mei Yi & Coach KC Have Coached Over 5,000+ Children to be Confident, Well Behaved and Stay Motivated in the Past 7 Years. They Are the Children Whisperer and the Bridge between You and Your Child.

Past Events with International & Private Schools' Children, Parents and Teachers

Meggy Mother of 2 angels

Coach Mei Yi is like my instruction guide book on how to manage a child emotionally. Her knowledge on handling kids is deep rooted and becomes her nature. Her passion for grooming kids is strong and its obvious whenever she is around kids. The leadership seeds Coach Mei Yi planted in my daughter when she was 5-6 has become fruitful. I find my 9 years old daughter's character easier to manage and some leadership skills and thoughts already seems like a no brainer to her. Not only that, Coach Mei Yi also attends to my emotional well being as well which helped me a lot as a working mum..."

    Janice Proud mum of 3

    "Thank god I met you. You gave me the confidence and strength to grow and be a better mum! You make me want to change. Really appreciate it your love & kindness! Thank you!"

      Ren Wei's Mummy Mum with patience and love

      "This is the first time Ren Wei is so focused in a Zoom class. Thank you, Coach Mei Yi, Ren Wei is so lucky to meet you!"

        Valerie's Mummy Grateful mum

        "Valerie is grateful that she is able to have the opportunity to learn from all professional coaches! Thank you for the generous sharing!"

          Thaddeus's Mummy Mummy of 5 years old

          "My son is super excited on this little brown box during his virtual class with it! He enjoyed and focus every second & looking forward to upcoming boxes. Very educative which they learn out of the books."


            My name is Lyn, and I’m a proud mother of Kaelen age 10 and Kaeson age 7.

            After spending so much time with them during MCO, I start to wonder if I’ve gone wrong somewhere? Why are their attitude is as such? Why is it becoming worst? Why are they not appreciative of things? Why are they disobedient? Have I not done enough? Don’t get me wrong, both my boys are wonderful boys by nature and these are some issues I feel that needed to be fixed. 

            We as parents always wants to give the best for our children, giving them many enrichment classes so that they will be good academically, fit physically and hope that one day they will be successful. What we often neglect is, our children’s Emotional health, their emotional well being and their inner feelings.

            Im glad I’ve come across Golden Sources Education on Facebook, and found Coach Fiona and Coach KC’s Children Emotional Well Being Workshop. I’ve registered my boys in July and now they are into their last class. Such vast difference I see! They are now more appreciative of things, they help around at home, they have better attitude, the best of all, they are more happier!

            What I love most about this workshop is that the Coaches not only teach and reach out to the children, they too give support and encouragement to the parents, always ready to give a listening ear and always there for us parents whenever we need advice. This meant a lot to me!

            I highly recommend parents to register for this workshop for your children as this course will help your children to find their own identity, to know and understand themselves, to manage and express their emotions, to have empathy and compassion and so on. I strongly believe these acquired social and emotional skills will then turn them into great adults.

            Once again I want to thank Coach Mei Yi, Coach KC and Golden Sources Education for this wonderful workshop, keep up the good work, and may more parents and children benefit from this!

            WHO IS THIS FOR?

            Parents who have children aged 5 to 12 years old who:

            – want to learn the right way to build a happy and harmonious family in a sustainable way

            – are willing to take actions and be a role model for children

            – want to coach and guide children for life

            – want to upgrade themselves in personal growth for the greater good of children and family

            – want specific guidance and support to achieve family goals

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