1-1 Kids’ Skills Coaching (2 instalments)


  1. Pre-coaching LaunchPad with parents
    – A 45minutes coaching session with parents to diagnose and deeply understand children’s concerns and family situations.
  2. 6 sessions of Kids’ Skills 1-1 Coaching
    – It consists of a total of 6 full 1 on 1 coaching sessions with the children to create personalized breakthroughs and transformation.
  3. Parents Update & Coaching
    – Regular parents update alongside children coaching sessions as well as necessary coaching to support parents and family to achieve self-sustainability.
  4. Direct Access & Support
    – Parents have direct access to the respective coach for any support needed throughout the whole coaching period.
  5. Kids’ Skills Coaching Guidebook
    – Children will receive a well-designed guidebook to journal down their coaching journey and achievement!
  6. Coaching Growth Report
    – Comprehensive set of reports will be provided throughout the end of the coaching sessions.
  7. Interactive Learning App
    – A fun and effective app called ClassDojo will be used throughout the coaching!
    – free follow up sessions if there is no result from the child.